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April 16, 2019 | Syracuse JS Meetup | Syracuse CoWorks

Testing at Large

Make sure portions of your app works as if a user was using it in production

Types of Tests

  • Static Tests - Also known as linters / formatters. (ESLint, Prettier, etc)
  • Unit Tests - Testing a single component of a codebase in isolation (Mocha, Jest)
  • Integration Tests - Testing multiple components together to confirm they "integrate" (Mocha, Jest)
  • End To End Tests (E2E) - Testing the site in whole to check various workflows are correct (Selenium, Cypress)

Philosophies of Testing

Testing PyramidTesting Trophy
  • Pyramid- Lots of Unit, some Integration, almost no E2E
  • Trophy (Coined by Kent C. Dodds) - Some Static, some Unit, lots of integration, almost no E2E

Almost no E2E?

  • There's a small amount of tests that need to be E2E and need the full system up to test it.
  • As they require the most infrastructure, they are almost the most brittle.

Intro to Cypress

A powerful Testing framework for the modern JS developer.

Powered by NodeJS and Chrome. No more Java.

Prerequisites for tonight

  • Chrome (Firefox & Other browsers support coming in the future)
  • NodeJS (Recommend at least Node 8.x or later)
  • Text editor (Recommend VS Code for Intellisense features around Cypress)

What we'll be testing

TodoMVC: A well known todo app.

Clone down the following repo from GitHub: lannonbr/cypress-example-todomvc


npm install

node ./node_modules/.bin/cypress open

Let's dig into some code

Break Time

Be back in about 10 minutes

Part 2:

Let's add some E2E tests with Cypress to

Resources & Next Steps

Thank you!